Our Offering

As a health and social care provider, Ann's Home Care is enviably positioned to offer a host of care and support solutions, supporting people with an equally varied level of need. We have close relationships with many external health care professionals, such as GPs and District Nurses, and work closely with the Health Service.

Our size and scale enables us to provide a strong support structure to our skilled teams of local professionals. This balance means that we are able to offer the best of both worlds: the assurance and financial stability of being a well-established local company, combined with the knowledge and expertise of a strong local team who live in your community.

Personal Care

We understand that the need for assistance with personal care can at first seem daunting or embarrassing for our clients. Our team of experienced carers are sensitive to this and are trained to work with our clients in a caring manner which preserves their dignity, privacy and respect at all times.

From assisting our clients with their personal hygiene and continence requirements, to supporting their nutritional needs or managing their daily medication intake, our carers will do absolutely everything they can to ensure that our clients' personal care requirements are met at all times.


Personal care covers a wide range of services, which can be tailored to the client's needs.

  • Getting up and dressing in the morning;
  • Washing, bathing or showering;
  • Shaving or beard trimming;
  • Oral hygiene;
  • Health and Medication (Liaising with external healthcare professionals, support to attend medical appointments);
  • Wardrobe management and choosing what to wear for the day;
  • Undressing at bedtime and tucking in;
  • Continence Care (Toileting, support using a commode, catheter and stoma care);
  • Hair washing and drying.

Practical Care

Whilst many of our clients will require assistance with their personal care, some will still be capable of managing this themselves and may simply require some support with practical household tasks or managing their affairs.

Our team of dedicated care providers can supply a wide range of support services in this area - from assisting with preparing meals to helping with shopping or simply calling in to see your family member for some company and a chat.


Our range of practical care services includes:

  • Meal preparation;
  • Company/ social visits;
  • Managing affairs under the direction of the client. (Shopping, collecting pension etc.);
  • Making beds and doing laundry;
  • Initiating relevant social activities.

*Note that these practical care services can also be provided alongside personal care and/ or sitting services.

Sitting Services

Sitting services offers family carers a chance to step back and take a break from providing care to a loved one.

Ann's Home Care offers night sitting / day sitting, providing compassionate, temporary home help for the loved ones in your life. This will give you an opportunity to recharge, refresh and renew your care taking spirit, energy and enthusiasm.

When you have children, you care for them. When you have ageing parents or relatives, you care for them. As a member of the "Sandwich Generation," you are sandwiched between two care taking roles - caring for your child and your ageing parents. Both roles are very different, yet equally important and time consuming.